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Meetings are required for application. Complete documents but refusing to meet will consider failed application. Call us for direct response, our response might be slow due to overwhelming response

Program referal fee 10%

No guarantor needed

No Atm Card

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About Us:

SA credits are a well-known lender company in Malaysia. We provide financial solutions for personal loans and business Loan that meet customer needs and personal needs as our goal continues.

We are highly customer oriented by providing quality and efficient services to individuals. Thus, our fast loan approval is said to be well liked by our clients in meeting with their urgent financial needs. Upon selecting the type of loan by clients, our company shall process the applications and the approval of the loan is subject to our company’s terms and conditions. Processing period of loan approval shall be made to minimum as to quicken the overall loan process.

Type of loans

Personal Loan

Personal Loan

Our Personal loans give borrowers a quick way to earn cash. Borrowers can also take advantage of the following additional features:
  • Flexible payment terms that allow you to pay more than the amount required for your cash loan, as well as to change your personal loan terms, helping you to settle your debt more quickly.
  • A revolving credit line, which is a financial service that lets you earn some money when you need it in urgent, in exchange for paying a commitment fee.
Business Loan

Business Loan

Our Business Loan is open to all corporate / commercial businesses that either require a lot of cash, or to finance existing business loans. If your business growth is experiencing financial difficulties due to cash shortage, cannot guarantee large quantities of goods that lead to lower profits, require immediate cash flow, or delay in loan transfer banks, we are always ready to serve you as in solving your financial problem.


Why Choose Us

Yearly Interest 1 - 3%

Loan amount from RM1k - RM1M

30min approval

Blacklisted, Ccris & CTOS Acceptable

Easy Online Application

Referal fee 10%

Repayment up to 5 years

No guarantor needed

How We Work:

Apply Loan Online in Minutes

Get call for interview and submit income & requested documents. Choose the interest rate and schedule plan that you like best

Your loan is automatically deposited into your bank account.

Applicant Testimonial:

Documents needed:

Business Loan:

Personal Loan:

Payback Terms

Minimum payment period: 3 months.
Maximum repayment period: 36 months.
* Payment period is negotiable.
Max Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is
8 – 15%
For more information on current rates please contact us.
There are no hidden costs or costs.